Why big knowledge is important


My name is Ron (owner) and here I hope to convey to you why having a person in the trade with a broad, deep knowledge is important when offering your vinyl.

Among Australian dealers or collectors, I consider that I am in the top five with regards to knowledge about records on a broad-spectrum of genres. I have received such comments from others, MANY times in my career. Some may know more about a style of rock or about jazz for example but as for an in-depth knowledge about every genre except dance music, I stand by my above statement and I will accept any challenge to this claim.


I have been collecting records since about 1982 and dealing in them since 1999 and have seen a MASSIVE number of records, too many to estimate, both in my hands and online and in books and I remember most of them if not all and can use the memory of what they are like & value, in my analysis, when viewing a collection. This can only benefit seller, especially if there are obscure records on offer because, rather than skip over an obscure one and put it in the "no" pile because they don't know it, and don't want to take a gamble, I can put it in the "yes" pile and pay you for it. It's money you wouldn't have recieved, in a case where you are dealing with inexperienced people or dealers new to the industry.


There is no amateurism. You are in expert, professional hands at Ron's Records. If you are considering selling your records, we hope that telling you about our credibility and experience etc... will make you want to contact and deal with us. We are the very best in town. No question.