Experience & Demeanor Does Matter


Since 1999, we have provided honest buying practice, courteous service and the ability of sellers to tap into the vast and great depth of knowledge that we have. This is only possible after such a long experience and viewing such a massive number of records over time...which is that of Ron's Records.

This creates a sense of comfort for the seller and are the three reasons most cited by customers who say they will give our number to friends.

Knowledge about vinyl records is one of our strengths and makes for a faster & smoother experience for sellers. We can go through a large collection, fast. Minimum waiting time for you.  

But there's a more weighty issue here. When a dealer is slow/thinks too long about each record, it means he hasn't seen enough records or read enough books on the subject to know or his memory is not good. Any of these means he is the wrong person for the task & this casts doubt on the price. It's a very bad situation to be in, especially when part of a deceased estate. 

Also, we are not pushy, aggressive or opaque, unlike most dealers, We are always friendly, engaging, transparent & understanding of your needs & aims. Customer service is our focus, which is why we are the best in town.